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Caring for Older People & their Carers

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Nettie is a Welsh Mountain Bear who joined the NET organisation in 2009.

She joined NET as a volunteer during the NET holiday to Wales. This was however by unconventional means - she was a stowaway on the coach, hiding in the overhead locker of seat 4B during an excursion to the North Wales canals.

The coach driver wanted to evict the bear from his vehicle but the NET clients befriended the little furry creature and insisted she remained with them for the rest of the holiday.

On returning to Garforth she was made an honorary volunteer and has since accompanied clients on all their excursions and outings.

Nettie tries to keep a photographic record of all the events she attends.

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When we moved into Dover St. there was a bit of a fall out between Nettie and the New Town Crier of Dover Street ? She soon put him in his place informing him in no uncertain terms that she was  Volunteer No.1