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Time to Share is a ‘Timebank’ which is part of the Timebanking Project.

Timebanks are being developed across the country to help people within their local communities. It works by people volunteering their time to help others and in return receiving help themselves. Each hour you volunteer earns you an hour in return.

Time to Share is open to everyone and is about doing what you can. If you like to be alone you can help by doing some knitting or maybe telephone befriending someone else. If you can’t get out you can still offer help with baking or crafts and in return have someone come to visit you or help do your shopping.

If you’re active or enjoy joining in group events you can do some gardening or organise social occasions then spend your credits on training or computer classes.

It’s trying to use people’s “skills” to benefit everyone involved.

Activities are exchanges so for everything you do as part of Time to Share you are exchanging the time spent doing it to receive something. So the more you put in, the more you get out.

It’s a 2-way exchange in your community between 1-1000 people!

For example Mary goes to see her doctor who refers her to Time to Share. Mary doesn’t like big groups but is chatty so it’s suggested she does one to one visits.

So Mary goes to see Anne who can’t get out and would just like some company. Anne enjoys baking so makes some buns that she gives to NET to use for a tea party.

Barry’s invited to the tea party and in return does some gardening work for Susan. Susan is good on computers so teaches Andrew how to e-mail. Andrew organises a walking group that Mary attends. And so everyone has offered a skill and in return received a skill; in effect a circle of volunteering is in place.

Each person makes a valuable contribution in their own way; something that seems so simple to them makes a big difference to others. And you can be part of it!

This is slightly different to volunteering in itself as it’s encouraging people to be both a giver and a receiver of voluntary help and will hopefully appeal to people who may not have considered volunteering before, or don’t think they have anything to give.

But most importantly Time to Share is a way for people to join in and feel valued.

If you feel disheartened or feel like you have nothing to give please come and see us or give us a ring because there will be something, we can assure you.

You can come directly to us or visit your doctor who can refer you.

Just give it a try; you may find out you have more to offer than you realise.

Here are  just a few things you could be part of: baking, knitting, computer classes, story-telling, reading to the blind, entertaining groups, being a speaker, gardening, handyman work, publications, deliveries, shopping, telephone befriending, befriending, reception, craft work, painting, housework, making Christmas/Easter/birthday cards, decorating, singing, tea-parties, pub outings, walking….the list is endless!